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The Champions Basketball League is the hot new 5-on-5, full court, pro summer basketball league featuring players you already know and love because all they’re straight out of the NBA. That’s right: every single player in our league has NBA experience. They’ve already proven their greatness, and now they’re wearing Champions Basketball League jerseys.

Our inaugural, sports history-changing season begins soon. With over 150 players who all made the NBA, teams will battle it out on the hardwood each summer.

Thanks to Champions, great basketball will be available to watch all year long instead of just during the NBA season. And our tickets will be incredibly affordable – bring your entire family – and our games the most fan-friendly in sports.

We’ll also have game-changing fan interaction and community events. Read on.

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Community is the cornerstone of Champions. Our teams will bring sports and community together. In addition to world-class summer basketball we will host year-round charity events, camps and community-based programs across the country. Champions will proudly connect fans and athletes through this bold opportunity.

Every player in our league has committed to serving their community. These guys have seen and done it all. They made the NBA. They achieved their dreams. With Champions, they continue as pro players, while making the world a better place all year long. Champions Basketball League members will serve communities they grew up in, their college and pro team towns, and more. They’re on board, enthusiastic, excited, and you’ll reap the benefits. Champions aims to create great memories both on and off the court. We welcome the opportunity. You’ll be proud to be a fan.

Leadership from Champions League teams will empower community youth and their parents, teach lessons about nutrition and general well-being, good sportsmanship, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Feeling like a Champion yet? You soon will!

Gotham Ballers

Champions Basketball League is comprised world-class teams made entirely of former NBA players. Here’s the key info:

  • League has teams, all based in great cities
  • All players are exclusively from the NBA
  • Fan friendly-priced game tickets: Likely around $18 to $45
  • Our regular season in July and August
  • League-wide college-style playoff/championship tournament in Las Vegas in September
  • The Championship team wins one million dollars. Incentive to compete HARD!
  • Games will feature live music, dance teams, DJ’s, fun contests, celebrity appearances and more.

There’s no basketball offseason anymore. Because the Champions Basketball League is here.


At most pro sports events, fans must both work hard and get extremely lucky to meet a player. But at Champions Basketball League games, player-fan interaction will be a regular occurrence. We’ll have meet-and-greets, pregame youth shoot-arounds and other great fun at every game we play! You’ll be saying hello to your favorite basketball stars at our events, having great up-close-and-personal fun, and you’re going to love it.