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  3. Walt Frazier: An Artist On and Off The Court
  4. History Made: Fans Are Team Owners
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Hall of Fame, style, new york
March 15, 2017
Walt Frazier: An Artist On and Off The Court

When Hall of Famer and former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley describes teammate Walt Frazier as an artist, you can believe it. “Frazier is the only player I’ve ever seen that I would describe as an artist, who takes an artistic approach to the game.” With his style of play, profound fashion sense and rhyming “Clyde-isms”…

Gotham Ballers Basketball
February 23, 2017
History Made: Fans Are Team Owners

NEW YORK CITY SPORTS HISTORY: Gotham Ballers Bring Pro Sports Ownership to NY Fans. Champions Basketball League’s New York team to be first ever pro team in the city owned by fans, with perks including owners-only access, VIP seats, player meet and greets, and more. Champions Basketball League a new professional summer basketball league made…

pro basketball, fans friendly, affordable
February 19, 2017
We Are All Fans of The Game

There is a common trait we as basketball fans share no matter how old we are or where we are from. We fell in love with the game. You never forget your first love. The team work. The fast break. Get back. Bounce pass. Ball movement. You’ve got to make your free throws. No look…

inside hoops
March 24, 2017
Gotham Scouting Report, March 2017

Here is the Scouting Report for the upcoming season for the NY Gotham Ballers. GUARDS Jamaal Tinsley, aka “Mel Mel The Abuser” from his NY playground days, used to start for the Pacers. His passing skills are amazing and he’s incredibly fun to watch. Tyshawn Taylor played for the Nets and top spots around the…

pro ball, basketball, swish, dunk
March 20, 2017
Inside The Game At Champions Basketball League  

We are fans of this game just like you and when our season hits, we can’t wait to take you inside the game with the Champions Basketball League. You know the names. You know their games. And you know these guys dedicated themselves to playing in the AAU circuit and high school, college and then into the pros to compete at the highest level in the game…

game on, ready, pro ball, athletes, new york,
February 21, 2017
Champions Basketball League: We’re Coming!

We’re coming this summer, and we’re bringing a few hundred NBA-level players with us… Feb 10, 2017 Hot summer months are about to be much hotter. In a really good way.

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