There is a common trait we as basketball fans share no matter how old we are or where we are from. We fell in love with the game.

You never forget your first love.

The team work. The fast break. Get back. Bounce pass. Ball movement. You’ve got to make your free throws. No look pass. Lockdown defense. Move your feet. Hands up. A dunk. And some trash talk to back it up. Community pride, you bleed their colors.

3…2…1…and there’s the buzzer.


Pcitures on the bedroom wall. Buzzer beater memories that will never fade. Magazines, podcasts and sports newsfeed. Respect the history. Dinner table arguments of the greatest of all time. Paying homage from rookies to vets. Wearing your basketball jersey to bed before the night of a big game. Jumping for joy with a win. Unable to eat after a loss. Such emotion can only be for the love of the game. What it feels like to be fan.

You never forget the first pro basketball game you go to. The size of the arena. The larger than life players. The sound of sneakers screetching on the hardwood. Cuts. The pick and roll. Jumper. When we get fired up and into a game, it’s more than just another sporting event. It’s an experience.

We are all connected. A community. A chance to remember why it is that we fell in love with basketball in the first place. Togetherness, a common love that connects all.

High school hoops. College bound. Drafted. Summer League. Training camp. All-Star selection. Championships. Banners. Heaven is the Hall of Fame.  Undrafted. Heartache. Overseas. Minor leagues. Countless hours in the gym. A tryout. A contract. A dream come true.  Fans follow.

At Champions Basketball League, we love the game.  We respect it.  We honor the athletes that made it to the show, buy providing a fan centric arena to showcase their world class talent.  Experiences that bring you closer to the game then ever before.

It’s our mission honor the athlete, celebrate the fan.  Why?  Because we are fans, just like you and it’s what is right when you love the game like we all do.

-Written By Wendall Maxey