We are fans of this game just like you and when our season hits, we can’t wait to take you inside the game with the Champions Basketball League.

You know the names. You know their games. And you know these guys dedicated themselves to playing in the AAU circuit and high school, college and then into the pros to compete at the highest level in the game in the NBA. They helped fans just like you and around the world create historic memories from All-Star Games to the Finals and you rooted for them each step of the way.

So why not keep rooting for them and their story this season?

Having been a sportswriter for ESPN, the NBA, USA Today, SLAM Magazine and other outlets during my time covering the league in New York, New Jersey and Portland, I am a big fan of the history of the game and having worked around professional basketball for the last 15 years, the idea of the Champions Basketball League was more than just another hopeful start-up league. For the pros, Champions is changing the game, for both the athlete and their fans. Anytime you can bring fans closer to the game and the players they love and provide affordable entertainment for everyone in the family to appreciate, then you have more than just another sports event.

You have an experience.

Champions is dedicated to fully immersed fan events featuring:

  • College sized arenas, so fans are close to the action.
  • $25 average ticket prices to see competitive basketball.
  • Live music and DJ’s at every game.
  • Free kids shoot around with athletes before every game.
  • Autographs post game.
  • And the experience continues from there…

For the Champions Basketball League, part of that experience is the chance to share the story within the story of these players who have given their everything to the game and still do as they write the next chapter in their careers. An average Champions athlete is 27 years old. Teams and events will feature competitive games with athletes on and off the court you know and love.

Another plus for fans is the chance to connect in the Champions Basketball League in their communities, as players will play on teams near where they either went to high school, college or played professionally.

Catch Al Harrington, Shawn Marion, Larry Hughes, Daniel Booby Gibson fierce on the floor and be on hand as young talent like Tyshawn Taylor and Chris Smith showcase their abilities. Hundreds of players ready to play.  And we can’t forget the coaches like John Wallace, Henry Bobby and Johnny Davis – who help mentor players just as they did throughout their playing careers.

At the Champions Basketball League, both the story and the game goes on.

How is this season going to play out?

The regular season will be a competitive 16-team and 14-game summer league schedule from July through August and culminating with a Champions Tournament in September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We’ll be bringing fans on-court action in packed college sized arenas with Summer Season teams in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Community is at the heart of Champions, as we’ll be hosting charity games, youth basketball camps and clinics all around the US in non-NBA cities. Whether that is Larry Hughes giving back in St. Louis, Moe Ager working with youth around the game in California, John Wallace involved with his Jersey roots, connecting with fans and building a community within the league remains at the heart of the Champions Basketball League.

“Champions was built for the fans. It’s a fans’ league, bringing more of what fans want — great basketball, great marketing events,” said Champions League CEO, Carl George.

“What we are doing is taking this talented group of players and playing a summer league and in the offseason, doing charity and Champions for Community events. Our efforts are about taking this great group of players and extending their careers, providing them the opportunity to continue to play and giving fans unprecedented access to these accomplished athletes.”

Thank you to those who have already connected and engaged with us on our social media channels and for those who haven’t, you can do that here and by joining us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

This league was created for you, the fans – a chance to engage with players at our community events and around the court when we tip-off in your city. See you soon.

This is where the game lives on.

This is the Champions Basketball League.


Written By: Wendell Maxey