New York.

A place that’s so much more than a place. More accurately, New York is an energy source that, when referenced, draws instant attention. Provokes strong reaction. Elicits intense emotion.

The center of so much industry and creativity, never-ending life, activity and excitement, the mere mention of New York causes people to sit up and take notice.

If something good happens in New York, everybody in the country tends to hear about it. And if something great happens, it goes global.

Well, something great has been steadily developing, and that something goes by the name of the New York Gotham Ballers. They’re New York’s newest professional basketball team, of the all-new Champions Basketball League, where players with NBA experience will battle it out each July, August and September, starting this summer.

Power. Talent. Focus. Intensity. These adjectives describe the Big Apple, and apply to the Gotham Ballers.

The Ballers were the first Champions team announced. There is great responsibility on the shoulders of this squad. The players know it. They welcome it. They’re ready.