We’re coming this summer, and we’re bringing a few hundred players straight out of the NBA with us!

Hot summer months are about to be much hotter. In a really good way.

Finding truly great, professional-level basketball to watch during the NBA offseason has always been a challenge.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the select cities with a great local summer league, and you are also lucky enough to show up at one of that league’s games on a special day, perhaps you’ll catch an NBA-level player taking the floor. Maybe one. It happens. But inconsistently. And usually the other guys on the court aren’t on that player’s level.

And, there’s usually no telling when it’ll happen again. It could be days, weeks, months or years until a player you’ve watched on TV wearing an NBA uniform shows up next at your local summer basketball scene to put on a show. That’s not something you can count on.

But what if you took a few hundred players who already made the NBA — players who have proven themselves to be among the best in the world — and built an entire new league around those guys?

That would be the closest thing to the NBA, right?

Easily, yes.

And how about if we also lined up a great broadcast deal, so you could watch these teams – including your favorite team – on TV or via high-quality Internet streaming?

And affordable tickets and unprecedented access to the athletes with year round community outreach to connect with kids and the future of the sport.

And it gets better. How about if those players formed a league with teams around the United States, all based in major cities. And had their own version of the NBA. But during the months of July, August and September. When the NBA is on vacation.

Well, it’s happening. Meet Champions Basketball League, launching this summer.

Thanks to what we’re putting together, there won’t be a basketball off-season anymore.

Basketball truly won’t stop.

And in addition to fiercely competititve 5 on 5 league play, and an epic college basketball-style playoff and championship tournament each September, the Champions Basketball League will be stepping it up in every aspect of the player-fan interaction department. In ways that will truly create lasting off-court memories that will be as fantastic as the great action on the floor.

We are making history – join us.

Stay tuned.

We’re coming. #GameOn