About Champions League

Champions Basketball League is a Summer Pro League exclusively for athletes from the NBA. The league 5-on-5 NBA regulation play – extends the career of the world-class NBA player during our summer season and with year round marketing and special event opportunities.  For fans, Champions provides unprecedented access to the game, pro summer ball which they are craving, with affordable tickets but all the heart stopping action action and entertainment of a pro level game.

The League began development in 2015.  The mission of Champions Basketball League is to honor the world class athletes that made it to the great court in the world, the NBA and to celebrate the fans who cheered those athletes through every phase of their development.  The connection, the passion these two groups share for the sport of basketball is at the core of the League.

The following markets will play in 2017: Eastern Conference: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami and Atlanta.  And the Western Conference: Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2018 the league will expand to 24 teams.

Yes! Champions Basketball League will host its 2019 training camps in June.

Teams will play July, August and September.

Yes!  The championship is in September in Las Vegas, Nevada. The championship is a college-style winner take all event.  All teams will be in Vegas in this single elimination, epic single-elimination battle. Fan Owners will get early access to tickets. Hotel and tournament package will be available online in May.

Fan Experience & Games

Yes!  All Champions Basketball League athletes were in the NBA recently.  Many athletes come from playing pro ball overseas after their NBA career – so all our athletes are world class competitive ballers.  The average age of a Champions League athlete is about 27-30 years old – so the 5-on-5 play is uber competitive.

Ticket prices average $25.  We anticipate tickets being $17.50 – $45.  Ticket price includes a free kids shootaround for youth (under 13) prior to every game.  Games include live music, contests, a DJ and all the incredible basketball you would expect from world class athletes.

Yes, Champions offers Courtside, VIP and On the Bench seating for nearly all games. Many of these special seats are reserved for Fan Owners of the teams so check your teams’ website for VIP details.

Team will play in college-sized arenas in each market, offering up close seating and intimate, awesome experience seats.

Champions is built for fans.  We offer exciting experiences that make fans feel a part of the game. With pre-game shootsarounds, live, family friendly music, and lots of  fun contests.

Tickets will be available at each teams’ home arena website or at the teams’ website just as you expect!

World Class Athletes

Yes, Every athlete in the Champions Basketball League has played in the NBA in the last 1-3 years.  These are the best athletes in the world. The average age of players signed to Champions League so far is 27 and statistics tell us, the average NBA player peaks athletically at the age of 30.  These guys bring it. Our exhibition games averaged over 100 points per game. Big fun, big scores.

YES!  These amazing athletes are critical to the success of the league and we are proud to be the first league to ever offer athletes ownership in the team that they play on.  Every athlete in the launch will own a piece of the squad. How is that for incentive to win? #GameOn

YES. Champions Basketball League gives players the opportunity to extend their careers and do what they love, play basketball and stay connected to fans. These are the world’s best basketball players, and they are ready to hoop.

Each team has a Hall of Fame member in the front office and a former NBA player as a coach.  Champions tries to pair athletes that played pro in the market, went to college or high school in the area. In addition, many of the games will have other surprise guests in attendance.


Champions Basketball League is the only professional sporting league to focus on community involvement as much as the game. Not just as supplemental programming but as a cornerstone of our business. Champions Basketball League will partner with a number of national, regional and local organizations to raise funds and awareness for their various causes. During the 9-month offseason, Champions Basketball League will host charity exhibition games, training camps and clinics featuring our players and coaches in non-NBA cities and states. We work with schools, the Boys and Girls Club and the military in providing games, camps, clinics and fun-filled events in communities across the country.

Yes, charity games will feature pre-game shootarounds for children and meet-and-greets for all – but VIP, Courtside and On The Beach Seats will be sold to raise additional donations for the important work of our community partners.

Champions Basketball League will host camps and clinics during our season in the team markets and in non-NBA markets the rest of the year.

Champions is rolling out the operations for these programs with pilot programs done in New York and St. Louis.  Information will be available with request forms in June.

To thank active and volunteer service members for their endless efforts in protecting our freedoms, we celebrate them in the best way we knew how, by getting them on the court to hoop it up. Champions hosts 3-on-3 tournaments on active military bases and brings our athletes to help celebrate the day.  We also offer ticket discounts to military families, and at least 100 free tickets to home games are given to local military families.

Team Ownership

Yes, Champions Basketball made history in New York offering fans the opportunity to own a pro sports team.  For more information visit www.LASuperStars.com. All teams will have Owners programs in 2018.

YES!  These amazing athletes are critical to the success of the league and we are proud to be the first league to ever offer athletes ownership in the teams that they play on.

Our goal is to provide fans unprecedented access to their athletes so ownership Perks do involve owners conference calls with the front office and the ability to attend team practices.

Questions? We have answers.

We are rolling out each teams’ home arena, team roster and Hall of Fame front office in the coming days.  Sign up for our newsletter for the latest information or like/follow the team you are interested in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Champions Basketball League has a broadcast partnership with ESPN and will have opportunities for live streaming of games.

Simple: Visit www.shopcbl.com. We love when you show team pride.

Yes! If you are an experienced sports professional and a basketball fan please email info@championsleagueinc.com your resume and the city you where you live.  Once each of the team pages is up, there will be custom emails to send information to in each market. Thanks so much for your interest.

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